Some time ago and after meditating and reflecting on other options to advise you on photographic issues, the idea was born of inviting you to be face to face with you, through computers, to start in a creative way an evaluation and advice of your photographic project.

Specifically, the online review that I propose is aimed at a photographer who is developing an author's project (ideally it is complete or almost complete) and wants a final edition of their work for publication or exhibition purposes. For this I will need about 150 photographs to later configure my final editing proposal (40 to 50 images) and thus work on it during the online session. And remember: "Less is more"

In this context, during the session we will talk, among other things, about the different variants used to "hunt" the images and thus give coherence and definitive visual narration to your project as well as its meaning or what it transmits to me. It is not a simple task, that is true. But I will give you all my experience, my passion, my knowledge to advise you with criteria and thus channel the subsequent development of your photographic project with the appropriate synergies.

If you finally want to entrust your project to me for a review, I'll explain below:


€ 200 for two sessions with a maximum of 150 photographs

Each session will last 1 h 30 min (each audition will take place within a few days) and will be in Spanish.

And you will need a Skype or TeamViewer account (both are free)

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