Some time ago and after meditating and reflecting on other options to advise you on photographic issues, the idea was born of inviting you to be face to face with you, through computers, and thus start in a creative way a constructive and deep assessment of your work photographic. 

Specifically, this portfolio review proposal is aimed at those photographer who want advice, suggestions to channel their work that, on many occasions, could lead to a future project.

To do this, you would have to send me your portfolio of a maximum of 25 images beforehand. And thus take better advantage of the time that the session lasts where everything will revolve within the field of photographic composition.

The session will include an exhaustive review of each image in your portfolio and I will give you comments on style, balance, visual power, coherence, expressiveness, intentionality, chromatic choice, ubiquity, depth of field, questions of planes, frames and fragments. And within that conjuncture of things, I will try to explain in detail what is working and why. And give you keys and steps to improve and obtain greater visual performance from your images.


€ 80 per session with a maximum of 25 photographs

Each session will last 1 h 30 min (and will be in Spanish).

And you will need a Skype or TeamViewer account (both are free)

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