training workshops

training workshops

Street photography, apart from being a photographic genre that I love; It is the best visual training.

In this context, urban photography is the ideal stage to look for new variants of composition that help not to repeat yourself in the permanent attempt to find a differential visual power to your image or photographic story.

And it also gives you enough agility to solve the fleeting and unrepeatable urban moments. Therefore, street photography is so attractive to me.

In addition, for a few years, many wedding photographers like you use the compositional tools of street photography to further naturalize bridal events. And in all this I thought to draw training workshops for wedding photographers.

Therefore, I propose the following, get in touch with me:

And together we will design a tailor-made workshop: two or three days (theoretical talk, practices and image views), with the appropriate date, in any city and for groups of no more than 6 people.

Thank you very much!


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