The city of Girona traces its origins to the time of Jesus Christ. In its beginnings it was an important settlement of Romans and in the ninth century it formed one of the largest Jewish communities in the northeast of the Iberian peninsula.

Perhaps from those times that the collective memory of Girona was nourished by legends of mysterious and eccentric characters and stories that emerged to make understandable facts that had no apparent reason. And its central element was always a feature of reality although it never mattered the origin of it.

To complement the photographic project, I have used the texts of the Girona writer Carles Vivó (Legends and Mysteries of Girona, Quaderns de la Revista de Girona, number 24. Diputación de Girona, November 2003). Hand in hand with his reading, I discovered another city, full of strange and implausible aspects.

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